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During the refurbishing and renovating process, the above-mentioned categories play a role in the layout and overall re-establishment of the property being designed. Each category is custom made to suit the desires of our clients.

We only use industry specialists. Royale Renovations philosophy is that each project is unique and therefore requires only the best specialty staff. This is what makes each project original and gives us the confidence to guarantee all of our work and maximise the end product.


For all kitchen renovations design and installations, Royale Renovations remains hands-on throughout the process. We carefully craft and use your own personal ideas while assisting you. We give best advice and make sure you get what you envisioned.

Based in London, Royale Renovations is not just a trader or builder, we inspire creativity and high end luxury. We want our clients to have absolute sophistication in their new design and refurbishments. We showcase great amount of skill in our approach and have an excellent work ethic.


Plumbing is a crucial part of our building process. We make sure all plumbing is taken care of for your convenience. We believe that all the internal systems are in place to afford you the opportunity to just enjoy your new space. Please see our gallery pictures for Royale Renovations latest and proudest works.

All of our projects are strictly supervised so that our work is completely authentic. Our diligent and experienced team reassures clients that the look they want to achieve can be accomplished. We are willing to go the extra mile and believe in our ability to produce over and above any expectations.

Heating & Aircon

Heating and air conditioning play a very important role in the overall comfort of our clients space. This is why we take great care when it comes to acclimatising each property so that it is adapted to the ever-changing weather patterns. In this way, we see each of our projects for the original piece of work that they are. Each project comes to life in the way we personify the spaces.

Heating and air conditioning play a role in the overall comfort and are perceived as the finishing touch to a space transformation. Temperature modification is the final addition at the brink of a complete project giving an overall feeling of comfort and enjoyment in your new space.

Please visit our gallery where you can see our previous work.